Case studies win business – fact!

Mobius Networks devise solutions using machine to machine data SIMs and say the case study format devised for them by Quiet Storm helps secure new business.

“What the case studies do is reassure the customer that we have done this kind of thing before,” said Douglas Gilmour, Sales & Marketing Director for Mobius Networks. “It is especially important when you have an intangible product such as ours (High Reliability High Security Airtime). The only real benchmark is a customer who is happy enough to say publically that the product performs to or exceeds specification.

“Our main focus is face to face meetings and case studies are a key part of our pitch. We have our studies printed on heavy card in full colour. They look and feel expensive and that’s important since you can’t see or feel the product itself. They create an impression of scale and depth and help establish our credibility.”

“We used to rely on technical product sheets but I wanted something that would mean more to our customers. Quiet storm helped develop the concept and layout whereby the case study ‘story’ is displayed alongside the relevant technical information and a section listing the benefits to that client. They also devise a diagram to illustrate the technical process. We have found this works really well as each study clearly explains our product applications and helps instil confidence in prospective customers. We work with a lot of local authorities who are very risk averse so handing them a case study where Islington Council are saying how we were saving them £300k a year is very powerful indeed.

“Creating the case studies is an ongoing process for us now and is smoothly(?) handled by Quiet Storm. Once a new project is in place we check that the customer is happy for us to mention them in a case study. We meet with Quiet Storm to explain how we met the client’s needs and they write a professional case study, with a process diagram, that gets the key messages across. People are generally very happy to go on record as saying how well our network works.”

The A4 double-sided Mobius case study sheets are printed using Quiet Storm’s in-house digital print facility. This is an economical method of printing high quality, low quantity and repeat runs.

Mobius is Vodafone’s preferred distributor for data SIMs that allow machines to talk to each other via a mobile network. M2M (machine to machine) technology can be used whenever data needs to be sent or collected and when something needs to be turned on or off. The ability to control and monitor machinery remotely has massive benefits for business. M2M is used in mobile credit card machines, for updating information on digital signs, for reporting vehicle usage and condition, in vending machines, enables remote building management and a host of media applications. Mobius specialise in offering fast, reliable and highly secure data transfer.


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