Medal Presentation and loyalty bonus for long serving employee

Bob joined Quiet Storm aged 20 years after completing his training in digital print. He said: “When I started with the company as a junior designer it was still very early days for the digital print process and over the years we have seen technology move forward dramatically. Back then Adobe Photoshop only operated in black and white! It’s great to have my loyalty to the company recognised and of course the cash award is very much appreciated. My colleagues might say that it’s them that deserve the medal for putting up with me for 20 years!”

The giant medal presented to Bob was designed and made by his studio colleagues and was labelled as an ‘old’ medal rather than ‘gold’.

Director Phil Megson said: “As a company we feel it is really important to celebrate staff loyalty and commitment through long service awards. We have a big team now and these awards are one of the ways we can retain a personal feel. We never want our employees to feel that they are just a number.

“Bob has been with Quiet Storm since the very early days and his vast knowledge and experience of artworking and print is invaluable with the type of clients we work with. We are delighted to be able to recognise his 20 years of service.”


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