Construction Safety Training Course Website Tops Google and generates lower cost enquiries

Their business model is dependent upon online enquiries which are generated through getting found on key search terms related to their training courses. When the cost of their Google Adwords started to spiral, Mike Adam's, MD of the business, commissioned a company to provide expert help in this specialised area.

Although their website remained on page one for the majority of search terms they had targeted, costs still continued to increase and the answer always seemed to be “we need to spend more money". Mike decided he needed to develop an alternative strategy to “spend more money” and therefore had to gain a better understanding of search engines and how they work.

Having been recommended to Quiet Storm Solutions by a family friend, who had a website which achieved good organic (free) page one listings on all the major search engines; he had an initial meeting with Steve Megson. After having explained his circumstances and scepticism about companies who offered search marketing services, Mike decided to take the next step and commissioned a website for his SMSTS Training Courses.

"Lots of companies make bold claims about getting your website found on page one of Google and I'd heard it all before. Although Quiet Storm demonstrated a commercial understanding of my current position, I must admit to feeling 'here I go again.' However, they put forward a strategy which was clear and used language which was easy for anyone to understand. Their strategy included both organic search engine optimisation (free listings) and Google Adwords" (paid advertising) but the focus was on generating enquiries and making everything measure the return on investment".

As the business was too dependent on the main company website for its 'day to day enquiries,' changing suppliers for the primary website was deemed to be too risky - plus Mike was still very sceptical. Mike opted for a new, low cost, Storming website, as these had been specifically designed to be easy to optimise for search engines and generate enquiries. Like many busy business owners, Mike was too busy to generate the content and opted for a complete package of content creation and optimisation.

The new website was built, optimised organically and set-up for Google Adwords all within a couple of weeks. The Google Adwords campaign put it on page 1 of Google from day one, however within two weeks of being launched it was on page one of Google organically for the targeted search terms, more importantly it was generating enquiries. What was more impressive was the paid advertising was significantly lower cost per click than he was currently paying for very similar terms on his main website.

"Quiet Storm's approach was very different, they took time to understand the business model and my target audience, then created a website to do the job of getting found on the search terms we had targeted and generating high quality enquiries. Their monthly reports are clear concise and enable me to see at a glance what's working for us and what could work better. I'm so impressed with the results we've achieved; I've just commissioned Quiet Storm to build another three Storming websites".


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