Family business with almost 100 years manufacturing experience, rebrands to increase sales

Harlow Bros is a family managed independent business with over 90 years experience in timber merchanting, manufacturing and timber engineering.


Spread over 10 sites throughout the Midlands and employing over 200 people

Harlow Bros offer a wide range of timber products and associated services that allows us to meet each customer’s individual requirements. With a head office based in Long Whatton, Leicestershire, this family business is steeped in history. From humble beginnings during the recession of the 1920s when they were producing wheelbarrows and ladders in their back garden to wooden bungalows that are still standing 80 years later!

The Harlow Bros management team had been referred to Quiet Storm and had worked on several projects over a number of years. This experience had given them the confidence in Quiet Storms’ ability to help with the more sensitive issues of such a historic and personal business.


Diverse and complex product portfolio made cross selling difficult

As a business which had grown organically, Harlow Bros was largely driven by customers requirements and had diversified to capture these opportunities. As a result the diversity of the products available across the company, the message to potential customers was complicated. It was also difficult for the people working in the business to have a clear understanding of the variety of products and services on offer.


Another issue was the perception of Harlow Bros

Most customers only knew about the part of the business they worked with. They had no idea of the scale and depth of the business. This was especially true when tendering for larger national construction contracts. It was felt by the management team that this combination of lack of visibility and difficulty to explain their wider portfolio was costing sales.


A logical way of explaining the wider portfolio of products needed to be created.

This needed to incorporate the top level services, right down to the specific options. It needed to do it in an intuitive, easy to understand format and help increase sales through cross selling and upselling.


Rebanding Harlow Bros would help create the increase in understanding

Quiet Storm worked with the Harlow Bros management team to understand the entire product and service portfolio. It soon became clear that rebanding Harlow Bros would help create the increase in understanding of what was available and communicate the scale of the business.

With an established brand such as Harlow bros, and almost 100 years legacy, the exercise was to maintain the core brand visual elements to ensure the brand remained recognisable by its core customer base. Whilst at the same time the different aspects of the product portfolio needed to be presented both together and if required individually.


Rebranding to celebrate heritage, values and the diversity available

Using their expertise the team at Quiet Storm set about creating a brand identity for Harlow Bros which celebrated their heritage and values. Whilst creating an image which enabled customers to appreciate the diverse range of products and services. The new branding was rolled out across the 10 business locations, from new signage, vehicles livery and staff uniforms to business stationery. This was managed through a set of brand guidelines which explained the rational, the technical requirements for positioning, sizing and colour consistency. These brand guidelines were made available online via PDF and were accompanied by a digital toolkit which enabled Harlow Bros to consistently manage their brand rollout through their current supplier network.


We’ve seen a real impact in the way people perceive our business

The rollout worked at various levels, with business signage being rolled out initially and other aspects of the rebrand being phased in through natural replenishment. This kept the rebranding costs to a minimum. Quiet Storms’ experience ensured that all ‘the thinking’ was done before any real costs were incurred which made the whole process run smoothly and efficiently.

 “Quiet Storm took the time to understand our business, our history and our values and then began the process of designing a brand identity that really works for our business.  We have been delighted with the results of the work done by Quiet Storm and have seen a real impact in the way people perceive our business. Whether on an individual consumer at the trade counter or a larger business looking for a commercial solution; they seem to quickly grasp the diversity of what we offer and the capability we have. This has in turn led to an easier sell and increased sales.”


Gavin Harlow, Harlow Bros Ltd


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