Prosthetic limb manufacturers & specialist rehabilitation physiotherapists increase sales

Robert Shepherd, one of the UK’s leading Physiotherapists in Amputee Rehabilitation, and Gordon Wilson, an innovator within prosthetics manufacturing, teamed up in 2007. Their partnership provided the first truly multidisciplinary prosthetic clinic in the independent sector. REHAB Prosthetics remains the only Prosthetic and Orthotic Centre in the UK with a fully equipped clinic, state of the art workshops and large gymnasium. Their consultations are the only ones in the UK which actively involve both clinical and prosthetic technical expertise at every consultation.


As a small business providing a specialist ‘niche’ service sales needed to be carefully managed

A major factor in the success of REHAB Prosthetics treatment procedures is the very ‘hands on’ and focused approach of the two directors. This meant sales needed to be a manageable flow, too many enquiries was almost as great a challenge as too few. Having attended a free sales and marketing workshop hosted by Quiet Storm, the directors were exposed to the Storming® process. They were also made aware of government grant funding to help them develop a sales and marketing strategy. This included coaching through GrowthAccelerator scheme, which took them through the 7 steps of Storming® a proven sales and marketing process. Plus leadership and management training to develop the skills needed to apply the sales and marketing strategy developed.


Results were not simply financial, we felt more confident when acting in a sales role

The Storming® process helped me focus more on my sales responsibilities. As with any small business owner I have many hats, the trouble was before we started this process, I wasn’t clear on what I needed to do regarding marketing and sales, it wasn’t a priority. Now our approach is systematic, we have structure and can prioritise, plus I can delegate some of the process because it is very clear what needs to happen and when. Gordon and I actually feel more confident about achieving our goals as a result of the Growth Coaching and this has impacted on our behaviour throughout other areas of the business. As a result we are already seeing the financial gains, and this year is looking very healthy compared to last year.


Quiet Storm were able to provide a complete solution and continue to support us

The greatest advantage of working with the team at Quiet Storm was the fact that they could provide a proven process to develop our sales and marketing strategy. They made accessing the grant funded support painless, and identified other grant funding opportunities which helped us achieve more. As a full solution provider they helped us rebrand and launch a new website which dovetailed into a direct marketing campaign. This systemised our marketing and sales conversion process, so it became more like ‘painting by numbers’ rather than making it up as we go along – which was how it felt before.


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