New ecommerce website puts innovative optician on track to double sales

Ecommerce website innovates Optician's sales process
"Fear of moving website companies almost ruined my company, finding Quiet Storm has instead given us the tools and knowledge to grow exponentially. The new site is bloody amazing! On every level, better, even than, I expected!  Just brilliant, I mean it!”

Pioneers of online reglazing of lenses

Ophthalmic Optician, Philip Batham, resigned as a Director of Specsavers to setup Ciliaryblue and become the first optician to provide 'online only' lens replacement business in 2008. The business quickly grew to become the leading provider of replacement prescription lenses for spectacles and sunglasses. However, over recent years their business model had come under increasing competitive pressure from this unregulated arm of the health service.
Phil explained that many entrants to the online market of replacement lenses simply bought and sold off-the-shelf lenses, without any understanding on a medical level of the client's optical needs. This in itself was a difficult message to communicate. But when the website, which was the public face of his business, was unable to articulate the value and risk of a non clinical solution; combined with the inability to add or amend products; the marketing of the business had become paralysed.

Between a rock and a hard place

Philip faced a dilemma, his incumbent website provider was incapable of the development required to drive the business forward. However, as many established ecommerce businesses find in this situation, the fear of change of supplier and potential devastating risk to the business was equally paralysing.

"Having been recommended to Quiet Storm by several friends with businesses, my wife and business partner Hannah and I finally took the step to speak with an alternative website company. It quickly became clear their approach was entirely business focused and anything was possible. The conversations were no longer focused on our wish list but expanded to how the website could in fact deliver additional value to both the business and it's customers. 

Spiralling Google Adwords costs

With concerns over spiralling Google Adwords costs and lack of cooperation from our incumbent website provider, we were still nervous about the switch of provider. The development roadmap provided by Quiet Storm completely de-risked the transition process from old site to new. This was based upon careful analysis of my current web visitor traffic, competitor analysis and detailed search engine usage by potential clients.

Transition process from old site to new

With an increased understanding of the development and transition process, I finally felt confident in the idea of switching website companies. The development process was textbook to the plan set. The pricing structure was clear and milestone driven - so I felt in control at all times. Best of all, the new website transforms the way we do business.

It has driven out waste, duplication of effort and provided a seamless way to deliver our services. It has enabled our team to manage content, prices and marketing. It has added huge customer benefits, and completely innovated administration of sales. It has provided us with what I believe is a world class leading website in the market of online replacement lenses.

Philip Batham BSc(Hons) MBCO Managing Director, Ciliaryblue



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