Improving search rankings for homeware retailer

The internet has transformed the way we shop. Traditional bricks and mortar retailers have, for a few years now, faced an uphill battle against their online counterparts, who can offer lower prices and convenience to savvy bargain hunters.

Consumers now have a world of products at their fingertips, which they can  browse, order, try and send back, all with just the click of a mouse.

That said, there will always be a place for a strong retail experience on the High Street, and No.64 Biscuit House provides just that.

No.64 is a boutique retailer which combines a unique range of furniture, lifestyle products and accessories with a tailored interior design and advice service.

Operating from a beautiful shop in the picturesque seaside village of Milford-on-Sea, No.64 offers a range of products for the home, sourced from around the world.

It needed to embrace the online shopping revolution and tasked Quiet Storm with developing its online presence with a new ecommerce web platform that reflects its brand and physical location, to give online buyers access to its meticulously-sourced product range.


Having a great looking website is one thing, but search success is key

We developed an online solution for No.64 which not only looks great and reflects its brand in the best light, but also simplifies many back-end processes to make the day-to-day management of the business as stress-free as possible.

For example, stock profiles are managed so the website showcases different products at different times, depending on what’s selling and what needs to be promoted more.

Sage and CRM integration also helps the business stay on top of bookkeeping, inventory management, invoicing and customer communications.

But the biggest gains have come from ensuring the website is fully optimised for search.

This was something of a leap for co-owner and proprietor Glenn Harrison, who enjoyed a long and varied career in sales and marketing, mediation, club DJing and close protection before setting up the business.

He attended one of Quiet Storm’s full-day SEO workshops to get to grips with the basics of search and understand the fundamentals, before putting that knowledge into practice when uploading new product descriptions to the site.

As a result, the site’s visibility with the search engines is increasing exponentially, with many of its products achieving strong individual search rankings.  



Glenn said: “I don’t mind admitting that prior to working with Steve and the team at Quiet Storm, I was not very computer-savvy, but I recognised that as an ecommerce business owner, SEO was something I needed to get up-to-speed with.

“Steve helped me to learn the methodology to consistently achieve good SEO rankings which have, in turn, helped to increase our online sales.

“Our website has also simplified a lot of back-end processes for the business, meaning I can manage our stock levels and automatically showcase certain products over others, depending on what we hold.” 

View the site at


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