Investing in our future talent

At Quiet Storm, we’re huge believers in apprenticeships and investing in the next generation of business leaders.

So, we’re delighted to share the news that Adam Kirby has completed his apprenticeship and has progressed into a full-time role in our Online Support team. We’re also pleased to announce that Tara Reid, who joined us during the summer on work experience, succeeds Adam as our new online support apprentice.

As a responsible business and employer, our recruitment policy is based on investing in local talent and creating opportunities to local young people who may otherwise have to look further afield for a career in the sectors we operate in. We've been in business for more than 30 years and over that time, the business has had to change and adapt to stay ahead of emerging trends and the growth of digital technology. Apprenticeships have played a key part in enabling us to do so.


A history of nurturing young talent

We’ve been employing apprentices since 1994 and have developed a programme, in partnership with our local colleges, which aligns our core skillset as a business with students, to give them the opportunity to come into Quiet Storm on work experience. They come into the workplace one day a week over a two-year period, where we help to develop their skills.

At the end of the programme, if they do well, we offer the opportunity to bring them into Quiet Storm on an apprenticeship and into a full-time role at the end of it.

The idea is to create and develop a production line of young people who can come into the business, develop their skills and progress into more senior roles, where they are then given the responsibility of bringing through and mentoring our next intake of recruits.

The benefits to our employees are that they have a clear route of progression throughout their career with us and are both empowered and incentivised to maximise their potential, while we get to build a team of highly-motivated individuals who have been trained in the way we do things, really buy into our ethos and maximise their own performance and that of their colleagues, because they know they will be well rewarded for it. Several key members of our team have progressed through the company this way to become valuable assets to the business.

It's a win-win situation and explains why we have an extremely high employee retention rate and a low turnover of staff.


Belief in apprenticeships

Quiet Storm Director Philip Megson said:

“Many congratulations to Adam and Tara, who have both become key assets to the business. Apprenticeships form a big part of our recruitment policy and we place great value on giving local young people the opportunity to forge a career in digital, marketing and technology.

“We've made it an internal mission to empower all our staff to take responsibility for driving the business forward, and have put in place reward and progression incentives to facilitate this and empower every member of the Quiet Storm team to perform to the best of their ability.

“Apprenticeships have helped us to build a team of highly-motivated individuals who have been trained in the way we do things, buy into our ethos and maximise their own performance, because they know they will be well rewarded for it.”


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