Manufacturing the future

Matsuura Machinery Ltd is a Coalville-based provider of hand-built, highly automated multi-axes CNC machine tools and the premier technical reseller of HP Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printers.

Matsuura serves a diverse client base across the UK, providing Blue Chip companies, OEMs, SMEs and sub-contractors with innovative subtractive and additive manufacturing solutions, all supplied with personalised, high-value optimised manufacturing processes.

The Matsuura product portfolio spans the full spectrum of CNC machine tools from the world’s premium machine tool brands, including their own Matsuura brand, Muratec, NIIGATA, SNK, and TOSHULIN along with high quality back-end tooling solutions from MST and Big Kaiser. For 3D printing Matsuura is the UK’s primary reseller for HP MJF printers and Dye Mansion post processing equipment – turning raw 3D printed MJF parts into high value finished end user products.

Matsuura at heart is an engineering company, as reflected in their outstanding multi-skilled Applications and Service engineers, supporting a diverse range of customers across all UK manufacturing industrial sectors. Matsuura is still a family run business, founded in Fukui, Japan in 1935. The company has two state of the art production facilities, hand-building machines to order for a growing global customer base. Matsuura Machinery Ltd is their regional base in the UK, though the UK serves as a Spares storage portal for the whole of Europe and the Eurozone, dispatching thousands of front-line spares every week to the continent via East Midlands Airport.

Quiet Storm has been working with Matsuura for more than ten years, and we were recently tasked with giving its existing website a makeover to improve its online presence and help it stand out from its competition.      


Mother Machines

CNC machinery, and increasingly 3D printers, are considered the ‘Mother Machines’ – these master machines manufacture the components that make every other machine – from NHS Ventilators, to cars, to satellites, to mobile phones – possible. Without high accuracy component production machines, many of the technology comforts we take for granted today would simply not be possible.  

Matsuura wanted a website that reflected their engineering heritage and prowess, whilst delivering a modern aesthetic and feel. We designed the new Matsuura website to break the mould of what additive and subtractive production machine & solutions engineering supply websites usually look like.

The Matsuura UK website has a modern, sleek design and makes use of video content throughout the site. Quiet Storm also built an easy-to-use product selector app, that enables customers to access product recommendations tailored to their needs quickly.


A trusted partner

Ian Michie, Matsuura Machinery’s Marketing Communications Officer for over 20 years, said:

“I have worked with Quiet Storm on behalf of Matsuura for many years now, and they have become our trusted digital and marketing solutions partner. Just as Matsuura forges long-term partnerships with our customers, we also follow the same ethos with our trusted supplier base. We wanted our new website to make a statement about who and what we are, and it certainly does that. We are delighted with the look, feel and usability of the site.

“Matsuura have built our reputation on being at the forefront of manufacturing technology and its successful, commercially profitable application, so our website needed to reflect our brand, our technology and our values and give us a more substantial digital presence. It’s all about showcasing what we stand for, the innovative solutions we provide and the way we help our customers to rethink the way they work, to maximise their profitability and future proof their UK manufacturing operations via their investments with us.”


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