Helping businesses transition cost-effectively from silo software, paper and spreadsheet based systems to integrated smart cloud systems guaranteed to improve productivity, performance and profitability. Digital transformation has the power to create a differential, reduce costs and build loyalty.

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Contact Management

Our CRM experience starts with NHS Trusts, corporations like Muller, and larger organisations. Today we have developed our own cloud based CRM and ERP which is used by small business and large corporations alike. VISION 247 is a fast to deploy solution which quickly becomes your anchor communication point. It can integrate with third part software, including accounts packages, bespoke operational software and even bespoke spreadsheets. It can provide you with a streamlined solution to your data and communication records.

- Companies & Contacts
- Customer History & Activity Log
- Sales Pipe
- Quote Generator
- Invoice generator

• Bespoke CRM Solutions
• Hybrid CRM Solutions

Sales Automation

• Customer Profiling Tools
• Sales Pipeline Management
• Quote Engines
• Product Builders
• Customer Account Activity Log

• Bespoke CRM Solutions
• Hybrid CRM Solutions

Workflow and Process Management

- Quote Management
- P.O. Management
- Job Management
- Process & Time Analysis
- Invoice Generation
- Accounts Package Integration
- Customer History & Activity Log
- Third-party Software Integration

• Bespoke Solutions
• Hybrid Solutions

Compliance Management Systems

Applied where process compliance is necessary, whether for ISO, HSE, GDPR or efficiency - and an evidence based audit trail is required.

• Procedures Hub
- Master Procedures
- Digital Repository (Master Downloads)
- Video Procedure Instruction
- User Activity Logs

• Bespoke Solutions
• Hybrid Solutions

Online Training Solutions

• Customisable E-learning Platform
- SCORM Compliant
- Tailored Reporting
- Automated Refresher Courses
- Customisable Learner Repository
- Ecommerce Option
- User Activity Logs

• Bespoke Solutions
• Hybrid Solutions


• Telephone Support Desk
- In-person & Virtual Training
- 6 Monthly Reviews
- Adhoc (Standard SLA)
- Active (Customised SLA)

• AWS Cloud Hosting
- Security Management
- Email Management

- Contractual Clarity
- Advice and Support