Campaign for premier shopping centre high quality and excellent value

Donaldsons Property Management are behind Grimsby's premier shopping mall - Freshney Place. Donaldsons have worked with Quiet Storm to create and produce much of its printed literature and display graphics during the past four years.

The close relationship between the two companies proved invaluable last year during a period of major staff change at the centre.

"Quiet Storm came up to meet the new team with a portfolio of all the work previously undertaken," Patrick Keilthy, Commercial Director at Freshney Place Shopping Centre says. "The comprehensive dossier with all costs, frequency of orders and seasonal activity, coupled with the honest and open advice proved particularly helpful."

Freshney Place was particularly pleased with a schools pack Quiet Storm created for it, aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils from the centre's target market.

The pack has been designed so that its cover can be customised with the name of the school visiting.

Not only did QS carry out the design work but also devised the content from scratch, which included tasks such as matching the goods with the stores in which they could be purchased and exercises focused on coins and their values.

"This was produced to the usual high quality and excellent value for money that we come to expect from Quiet Storm," Patrick concluded.

Quiet Storm has produced store guides, hanging banners and visitor packs for a variety of retail organisations.

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