Flash salesman helps boost sales on innovative product

No matter how good the product is, if people don't understand how it works it won't sell...

Applied Energy's Credanet Controller is recognised in the industry as a terrific product. It can provide the type of control over electric storage heaters previously only experienced with gas central heating programmers. However, one-to-one presentations were slow going and mailshots didn't have the same impact. Working closely with Joe Barrasso of Applied Energy, Quiet Storm were able to provide the perfect solution.

The online training model created in Flash has a 'virtual' Credanet Controller which works identically to the real product. The step by step instructions take the user through each phase of the program and the 'virtual house' has rooms (or zones) heating up or cooling down to demonstrate the results of the program settings.

"This is a superb piece of demonstration software which has proved a sales tool in itself," Joe Barrasso said. "We hope to have more like it created."

The next phase is to create an online training module which takes the installer step-by-step through the configuration of the system. If an engineer cannot get access to the internet, the training program can be downloaded on to a laptop or CD.

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