Website is a hit with top names and PR campaign increases visits

Alistair McGowan plugged the website during his recent interview on GMTV and Steve Wright made it Radio Two's 'Website of the Day'. was designed for the National Waste Awareness Initiative and is the first public-orientated campaign operated by them. Its aim is, as the name suggests, to encourage everyone to think about what they do with their waste.

Because the site is likely to be visited by a huge variety of people it needed to be simple to navigate, clear and, of course, interesting.

If the number of visitors is an indication of its success, it is a real winner - in the three weeks before this piece was written more than 2,300 hits were recorded.

"Quiet Storm displayed creative flair and an almost immediate understanding of the issues related to the Rethink Rubbish initiative," said Mat White, Rethink Rubbish project co-ordinator.

Did you know about 60% of all rubbish can be recycled? Find out how by visiting the Rethink Rubbish website.

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