Packaging design for Alan Titchmarsh biscuits just has to be right!

A gift set being sold in high street giant Boots includes packaging design by Quiet Storm.

Ashbourne Biscuits was selected by a company specialising in the assembly of gift products to provide biscuits for an Alan Titchmarsh Tea and Biscuit set. As well as needing the shortcakes, the packaging design was also required to feature the famous TV gardener's brand.

Ashbourne Biscuits put Alan Titchmarsh Marketing in contact with Quiet Storm and we incorporated the relevant details into the design of the biscuit wrapper.

Roy Johnson, Managing Director of Ashbourne Biscuits said: "Alan Titchmarsh is a household name and we are very pleased to have been involved in this project."

Sean Kennedy from Alan Titchmarsh Marketing said: "The sets are selling very well. Boots have very exacting standards for everything they sell and this product has given us a high profile in a major retail outlet.

"Our people liaised with Quiet Storm in getting the work completed and there were no problems at all."

For Quiet Storm, of course, it has provided a link with both a top TV personality and a retail high-flier.

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