New corporate identity for global organisation

"We needed to show we are now part of a global organisation - an essential selling point in our global logistics industry," he said.

Derwent had a clear idea of what the new ID needed to suggest and Mark says that Quiet Storm has worked with them to create a new identity that works well.

It is also popular with the staff. "The marketing and sales staff were thrilled with the new ID as it has given their materials a fresh look and represents something new but yet provides continuity to the old," Mark explained.

And as well as getting the end result they were looking for, Mark says that Derwent found Quiet Storm particularly good to work with because of their range of in-house skills and capabilities.

"We didn't have to spend a lot of time transferring designs and ideas between several different companies, Quiet Storm could do it all,' he said.

Derwent is now looking to put more of Quiet Storms abilities to the test - with promotional materials. PowerPoint presentations and video shoots all on the shopping list.

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