Phostrogen roadshows great for face to face marketing

One of the ways in which it has done this in recent years is to stage Phostrogen Roadshows at garden centres around the country featuring horticultural consultant Stephen Green.

And while the demonstration/talks have always been popular, Pbi Channel Marketing Manager Lisa Lane felt that by enhancing the way they are marketed even more gardeners would get to learn about them and go along to enjoy them.

Quiet Storm designed a poster to publicise the roadshows with an area in which each garden centre hosting a roadshow could have its own personal logo and details included. Our ability to deal with variable data means that every roadshow has the same poster, but at the same time every garden centre has its own publicity materials.

Quiet Storm also designed and produced a range of items to be used in the garden centres on the day of the event. These include A-boards, badges for staff to wear and a pop-up display for the area where the demonstrations are taking place.

Lisa is delighted with the campaign. “We needed to add the Wow factor to the roadshows and I am sure our new promotional goods will achieve that,” she said. “We have always had a very high level of service from Quiet Storm Solutions and this has been no exception.”

The Pbi Home & Garden Phostrogen Roadshow work is one of a wide-ranging series of jobs that Quiet Storm Solutions has completed for the Bayer group company. QS designed Pbi’s website, project-managed the printing of 10,000 catalogues for its annual conference, has created a garden problem solver and even carried out the impressive interior design and fit-out of its new headquarters building in Hertfordshire.

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