Valmont Uk exhibition stand really grabbs attention of delegates

Valmont UK Ltd, manufacturer of a wide range of street lighting columns, had booked a stand at this year’s event, but needed help in filling it.

The exhibition promoter provided Ray Skene, Engineering Sales Manager at the Chesterfield company, with the names of several stand design and builders that might be able to help. They included Quiet Storm Solutions.

And while Ray says it was the competitive price that prompted him to pick up the phone in the first place, he now admits that the quality of work and service he received from Quiet Storm was second to none.

“I like the fact that everyone involved was hands-on,” he says. “Quiet Storm came to our premises to talk about what was needed and to get a feel for our company.”

And once work started at Birmingham’s NEC, Quiet Storm proved to Valmont that Solutions is more than just a name. “What we didn’t know until Quiet Storm got the detailed plans of the stand was that there was a roof stanchion right in the middle of our space,” Ray explained.

“But Quiet Storm’s On Show team mounted graphics featuring our logo onto MDF boards and used these to clad the stanchion. It worked really well – you could see it from everywhere in the hall and it became a key feature of our stand.”

Other work done by Quiet Storm for the stand included providing a purpose-built trough for the lamp stands to go in, a range of graphic panels and lighting. The team also built the set on site and dismantled it at the end of the five-day event.

“We were very pleased with the work Quiet Storm did for us, Ray concluded, “Our stand really grabbed the attention of delegates attending.”

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