Website highlights ageing population issues for employers, employees and marketeers

Kegworth-based Positive Experience, headed by Gordon Beck, is building an Internet portal for all the people affected by the fact that falling birth rates and increasing longevity are resulting in ageing populations around the globe.

What Positive Experience wanted its site to achieve was to act as a window on the world of work for its customers, providing a succinct knowledge service that saves time, challenges perceptions, demonstrates examples of best practice and highlights new opportunities.

This means, of course, that the content will need to be changed and updated on a regular basis. For this reason the site is toolbar editable, to allow changes to be made by the client.

Initially the site is accessible throughout to all visitors, but the intention is that in future it will have subscription areas, with access only available to those who pay. The capability for this to be introduced has been built in to the site by Quiet Storm.

Commenting on the work, Gordon Beck said: “The website is fundamental to our project and so had to be right. Quiet Storm have provided exactly what we needed.

“They have created the framework for us to put our information into and they have provided it with all the capabilities we need to deliver an efficient and effective service to employers, individuals and professionals dealing with the issues and marketeers.”

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