MP’s website improves constituency communication

All MP’s are represented on the official Parliament website with a biography and email link. But this only carries basic information and David Taylor was committed to establishing his own website that would provide his constituents with up to date information on his activities locally and in the House of Commons. He commissioned Quiet Storm to build him a clean and clear site with headings covering each aspect of his work and links to pages and sites containing more detailed information.

The web team met with Mr Taylor’s Communications and Campaigns Manager to gain further understanding of what was required such as how much information would need to be displayed and how often it would be updated. After exchanging ideas on the best way to put this into practice it was decided that a site produced with Quiet Storm’s Easy Edit software was the answer. This would allow the staff in the Constituency Office to populate and edit the pages themselves. No specialist knowledge is needed and information and news items can be added quickly and easily. This facility was particularly useful as text and photos relating to news releases and visits would need to be loaded every week. Headings for news, contacts details and advice session dates, a biography, constituency profile and some answers to frequently asked questions would initially be set up by Quiet Storm. The web team also secured the domain name

The Constituency Office staff had no trouble adding text and pictures to the pages and the site went live on the date planned. Since then they have been able to update information as necessary and have received positive comments from constituents.

Commenting on the new website, David Taylor said “A website has been high on my wish list for a long time and I’m delighted that I’ve finally got there.

“While not everyone has internet access, for many it’s becoming the normal way to obtain information so I hope many local people will find it a useful way to keep up with how I’m representing them. I’m sure the initial content can be grown and developed over time. I would like to congratulate Quiet Storm on achieving a really attractive look and feel to the new site.”

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