You've got to tell if you want to sell

Managing Director Carl Barton explained: “Like many companies during the past two years our products and services have changed to reflect the shift in demand and technologies available. Because our business and target markets have altered, when in a face to face selling opportunity, our sales people needed a tool which enables them to explain what’s on offer from Secure Retail and why it is of benefit to the specific prospect.

“Quiet Storm have grasped the benefits our clients enjoy and the diverse product portfolio on offer from Secure Retail. The brochure provides us with a smooth script or storyboard which our sales people can use with ease. It clearly communicates our often complex offer in a format which is easy for the customer to understand, which means they know what’s on offer and why they need it.

“Having the brochure produced digitally and in quantities of 250 means we can adapt the brochure with the ever changing technology and include or remove products as our portfolio develops. This flexibility to add or remove products and adjust our offer every few months means our sales people have ‘up to date’ brochures at all times, rather than trying to explain changes since publication.

“It also allows us to test the sales script and adjust the brochure based upon the feedback of our customers and sale people, instead of having to make do with what we thought was right at the time. Business is changing faster today than at any time in my experience, if we want to remain competitive and sales focused, we need to equip our sales people with the best tools – the brochure Quiet Storm has produced for us does this.

“The feedback from our sales people and customers alike has been extremely positive, the brochure definitely helps us position our offer ahead of that of our competitors.”

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