“Word of Mouth Marketing keeps our message out there”

Managing Director Carl Barton explains: “There has never been so much competition for the attention of our buyer so it's vital we communicate the benefits of our offer in a way our prospects and clients can quickly grasp. In my experience the best way to do this is through using case studies and testimonials.

“We select the projects and then the key elements of each case study are highlighted by our sales team during the quarterly review meeting. The relevant clients are then interviewed by Quiet Storm so we get their words, their experience and the key benefits to their business.

“Once the case studies have been agreed by our client and sales team, they are uploaded to our website to keep it fresh and boost search engine optimisation. A printed newsletter containing the case studies is distributed to our clients and prospect database quarterly and any timely articles are emailed out using the MailBlast email marketing software. In addition, our sales team carry newsletters so they can use our clients’ testimonials to demonstrate we can do everything we claim. The discipline of the Word of Mouth campaign ensures we get the maximum benefit for minimum effort.

“Having our customers highlighting the benefits of our products and service is a powerful way to sell. The Word of Mouth campaign works on multiple levels. Firstly, it ensures we capture key case studies and client testimonials systematically. These form persuasive marketing tools that clearly illustrate why we are successful – even to those who have little or no knowledge of our business.”

Secure Retail’s chip and PIN payment solutions are chosen by organisations of all sizes, from small business to multi-national retailers. They work with companies to ensure the security of their payment terminals and their wireless networks. Products include fixed, handheld and unattended payment terminals, secure tethers and stands for payment devices, privacy screens for computers and a range of secure storage solutions for use in vehicles. The company is also expert in the field of secure, real-time access and wireless communications.

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