Increasing Sales Through Raising Your Profile

Great marketing is about capturing the interest and imagination of people you want to engage with so they waken to the possibilities of what you offer.

Just like the Olympic flame, it has ignited a passion for the summer games and sparked interest from all quarters. Because it touches people where they live and brings a taste of the excitement to the majority unable to view any of the events, except on television.

The torch relay has ‘got their emotional buy in.’

Watching the torch pass by is free, getting the nations attention for a ‘once in a lifetime’ event priceless. So what price is to be associated with this emotional tidal wave? Olympic sponsors have paid handsomely to be linked with the games, however it doesn’t take a big budget to generate your own ‘feel good’ factor.

Strategies to increase sales must included raising your profile. People can't buy if they don't know about you.

“Great marketing is about capturing your clients attention with positive events not just calling them to see if they need to re-order. It’s about giving people the right reasons to talk about you.”

Sarah Fullaway, Director of OVISO, providers of business and personal protection insurance.

“Working with Quiet Storm has helped all of us at OVISO to realise marketing isn’t about how much you spend, it’s about seeing the opportunity and making the most of it by being prepared. The PR coverage and goodwill we have generated by having a open afternoon, to celebrate the Olympic torch passing our office, cost little more than a few hours preparation and a little commitment.

"Whether clients could attend or not, it gave us a chance to engage with them with something really positive. The feedback from everyone has been exceptional. Commissioning a cocktail by the Cathedral Quarter Hotel’s mixologist marked the occasion and gave it an extra twist.”

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