Brochure spearheads successful sales drive

With a state-of-the-art 3D printer on the shop floor, injection moulding experts Rutland Plastics knew they could save customers time and money creating top quality rapid product prototypes. In a new brochure they explain how.

Marketing Manager Stuart Lovett said: “Our Objet Connex350 3D printer creates high resolution plastic prototypes that are as close as you can get to the final manufactured product. We asked Quiet Storm to design and write a brochure to sell the concept. We always get excellent service from Quiet Storm and, as usual, they gave us exactly what we were looking for.

“They also designed a press advertisement for us and the brochure backs this up. Anyone enquiring about prototyping is sent a brochure and we also include one with each model we produce. Our marketing strategy is clearly working because 3D prototype orders are increasing month on month. The machine has been working every day this past month! We intend to keep up the momentum that has been created and will be using the brochures in a direct mail campaign.”

The 3D print machine uses CAD drawings to build a model, layer by layer. This innovative technology produces high quality plastic prototypes that enable form, fit and function to be accurately tested. By combining two different prototyping materials in the print process, a variety of materials can be simulated. Rigid, flexible and transparent materials, in a variety of greyscale colours, can all be incorporated and the model can even include moving parts.

“The ability to produce prototypes that so accurately mimic the finished product has revolutionised the design process, saving time and money,” said Stuart Lovett. “The quality of the 3D printer is outstanding. The models are tough enough to withstand machining or drilling and can be printed as a complete item or made up of a number of individually printed components. As well as producing excellent, working prototypes it can be economically viable for low volume production of end use products or for creating mould cavities for the injection moulding process.

“We asked Quiet Storm to produce a brochure that would highlight all these capabilities and clearly explain the advantages of the process to our customers. They came to our premises to see the machine in action and look at the models it produces. We have worked with Quiet Storm on a number of projects so they know our business and always take the time to get a thorough understanding of what we want to achieve. It was no surprise that the design and content of this latest brochure was produced quickly, without fuss and to their usual high standard. The 6 page, A5 size, full colour brochure was printed using their in-house digital facility.”

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