How many steps are there to closing a sale

Every activity you do to generate an enquiry through to closing the sale and 'on-boarding' the new customer should be thoroughly thought out and planned. Once 'on-board' there needs to be sales support function which adds value to the relationship and reveals additional sales opportunities. This means specifying tasks, actions and timeframes for those involved so your customer gets a consistent experience no matter who they engage with.


• How do you win new business?

• How do you maximise relationships with existing customers to increase sales?

• How do you measure the success of your different sales people?

• How do you measure the success of your sales support function?

• How do you measure the success of your marketing function?


The result is a sales and marketing process plan that supports your sales and marketing team by delivering pre-qualified sales leads.

Different challenges need different solutions, but the process typically starts with a diagnostic, followed by consultancy, coaching, or knowledge transfer. Because Quiet Storm have a radical and proven strategy for scaling your business and growing your revenue, we've created an online tool which enables you to manage this process. It's called Storming® Sales Accelerator, it links directly to the tactical solutions, so all of your return on investment metrics are clear, automated and easy to understand.

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