Proudcastle increase sales with a new approach to sales and marketing

Proudcastle provide electronic security across a range of sectors from education, public spaces and carparking to multiple occupancy housing and retail.

“Working in your business is a comfortable position when you understand the job you do and enjoy the work. Explaining what you, especially why prospective customers should choose you, is a little more difficult. Having been recommended to Quiet Storm, we found the process easy because they kept digging. They would get us to explain what made us so different. Why we did what we did, and why the way we did it was better? Then they would ask us to provide evidence to substantiate this. This resulted in a sales script which was more powerful, it pointed out the difference between our company and the competition. It’s given us the confidence and tools to explain what we do and why it’s better than the alternatives without feeling boastful or brash. Sales have increased as a result!”

James Morris

Managing Director, Proudcastle Solutions Ltd

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