Vehicle delivery company hits growth target

In the highly competitive business of delivering commercial vehicles, it’s critical to have a clear growth plan and stick with it.

North Leicester Vehicle Movements approached Quiet Storm from a recommendation and asked if we could help them increase sales. The business delivered new and used commercial vehicles all over the UK and mainland Europe. This has included delivering fleets of new buses to Malta, and driving the old fleets back and delivering a London Routemaster Bus to the Large Hadron Collider, CERN for it’s reception; in addition to the more ordinary fleet deliveries. Having worked through the Storming® Growth Programme it was clear that some fundamental elements needed to change. Including a new business name, a new website and a new approach to sales.

“Having approached Quiet Storm to help us to increase sales, they told me about the Storming® Growth Programme and their coaching process. I must admit to being sceptical at first but having come out the other end of the process, I can see that the results speak for themselves. The growth voucher funding enabled us to effectively double our spend and get a level of support beyond our initial budget. Given the impact we’ve experienced in such a short period, I’m confident we’ll achieve our three year growth targets.

Mark Boulton

Managing Director, NLVM Ltd

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