Market leader needed to respond to increasing competition and look like the No1 provider

Specialists in vehicle credit management, Anglia UK, are only organisation combining 'end to end' service provision. They manage unit stocking (car sales forecourt finance) consumer account correction (defaults on car loans) and specialist vehicle logistics (transporting vehicles) for prime, sub-prime and captive finance providers.

It was difficult to differentiate our offer from the competition

"Like any evolving business we have developed our business model around the needs of our clients. We have driven the industry in the key service areas. However, when it came to explaining what we offered, it was always a difficult task to differentiate our offer from the competition. This was partly because our business is highly complex and prospective clients regard being authorised and regulated by the FCA as a benchmark standard – which it isn’t."

Highlighting the difference gave customers a reason to choose us

"New to the business, I found the people within Anglia UK incredibly knowledgeable, but this didn’t come across in any of the marketing materials. I had worked with the team at Quiet Storm previously and had always experienced great results. I knew they had the combination of skills and experience to help us define a strong customer proposition. They could also provide us with a complete solution from strategy to deployment and high quality training."

Grant funding meant we were able to achieve more, faster

"Quiet Storm were able to help us develop a new sales and marketing strategy using their Storming® process. This was delivered through the grant funded Growth Accelerator programme. We were also able to access Leadership and Management ‘match funded’ training to develop the skills required internally. This helped to optimise our investments in the marketing tools identified, such as branding, websites and brochures. Like any business, there isn’t an endless ‘budget’ and the grant funding enabled us to achieve a lot more than we had anticipated. The whole application was taken care of by Quiet Storm, it was easy and has enabled us to take control of our marketing."

Nigel Stanford, Group Sales Director, Anglia UK Group

It was important we got it right first time

"Nigel Stanford, our new group sales director, introduced us to Steve. He had worked with Steve and the team at Quiet Storm successfully over many years at a previous company. My first impression of Steve was he wasn’t like the other marketing companies we currently using or were looking at - and I wasn’t impressed. Unlike the other companies, he hadn’t done a fancy presentation, nor had he prepared any visuals. Instead he asked a few searching questions. Once he’d established we couldn’t answer them as easily as we should have been able to, he went on to explain why he didn’t do what the other companies had done. It was simple, he was the expert in marketing, we were the experts in what we did. He demonstrated how the Storming® process would extract the information which would help us articulate what we did, and why it was better than the alternatives.

Having a complex business operating in a highly competitive sector, we knew we were the best at what we did. However, looking from the outside in, we looked like we had lost our way and no longer presented ourselves as such. With Quiet Storm’s help, we have now recaptured that ground lost and we’re driving the business forward aggressively to achieve our full potential."

Mark Scotney, Managing Director, Anglia UK Group

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