Mortar colour chart proves an effective sales tool, increasing sale opportunities

A mortar colour swatch chart has simplified buying for customers choosing a shade of Breedon Trowel Ready Mortar but ensuring the swatches were an accurate representation was a complex process.

“We needed a sales aid to leave with customers. We have 150 mortar options and colour swatches would be a starting point in helping customers narrow down their selection.

When we asked Quiet Storm to do this for us we knew it would be difficult. You are transferring something that is physical into print. I had reservations as to how it would turn out but Quiet Storm did a fantastic job! The charts are taken out on calls by our sales team and left with customers. We have also supplied them to builders’ merchants who order from us. We post the charts out on request following telephone sales enquiries and website requests and have a downloadable pdf version on our website for customers to refer to. We are very pleased as we have now generated another selling point.”

Rob Gregg-Herrett,

Mortar Manager, Breedon Aggregates

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