New brochure presents a more professional customer focused solution

Tex Plastics marketing strategy is to develop a more focused approach to the needs of key industry sectors who use plastic injection moulding. This means being more focused in every aspect of their content, from online to face-to-face presentations.

Lee Barker, New Business Development Director - Plastics Division, explains why he’s so happy with the results.

You only get one chance to make a first impression

Targeting new clients by ‘sector’ and being more focused on the messages we send out means every tool within our sales and marketing process needed to be rethought. Tex Plastics is like any other manufacturing business, we need to get results and the budget is limited. So everything needs to work hard and deliver great value. If we produced a generic brochure about ‘us’ and ‘what we do’ then it would have limited appeal to customers. However, a brochure for each sector was out of our budget.

Highly professional, customer focused and flexible solution

Quiet Storm provided us with a generic Tex Plastics brochure which doubled up as a presenter as it included a pocket. The folder focused upon selling the benefits of Tex Plastics as a group, so it focused upon the credibility and capability. This was designed to be a high quality tactile presenter, but the key focus was in the digitally printed contents. These were specific to the clients needs and included sector specific case studies.

The impact was immediate as it quickly engaged

When presenting materials this way, our sales people quickly built rapport as the prospective clients could see immediately that we had experience of their sector. The conversation was driven by the client as the language was focused on the issues they faced, which meant they didn’t get bamboozled or bored by injection moulding ‘speak.’

With examples of real manufacturing solutions in the form of case studies, conversations quickly switch from ‘telling’ to ‘explaining their issues’ – so the sales brochure does a great job of creating the right first impression.

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