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Re-imagining a web presence for Stockton Engineering

Stockton Engineering is a traditional manufacturing business, providing fabricated metal components for the automotive, rail – trackside, construction, packaging, distribution and general fixings markets.


Founded in 1973, the company remains family-owned and managed and has evolved into supporting the precision engineering sector with solutions to wire forming, metal pressing and presswork which is not possible on CNC machines.

Its 10,000 sq ft factory, in Birmingham, houses a large range of hydraulic presses from 10 – 100 ton capacity, along with mechanical power presses from 20 - 100 ton capacity, processing ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It also has facilities for production jigs and fixtures and batch repetition to customer supplied designs and drawings.

Although the business has the expertise and equipment to manufacture difficult or ‘impossible to make’ wire forms, clamps, clips and fastenings, it’s a traditional business and its web presence did little to reflect its skills, knowledge and offering to customers.

Quiet Storm was tasked with re-imagining its online presence, to better reflect its solutions to customers and make it more friendly to the search engines.


Defining traditional manufacturing processes in the digital age

With more than 45 years of trading under its belt, Stockton Engineering still uses traditional machinery and processes to achieve the same solutions that CNC machines can create. However, CNC often can’t deliver bespoke products to the same degree of precision as traditional presses and you often need to produce CNC components in bulk to be cost effective.

The challenge for Stockton was finding a way to describe what it does in terms which both customers and the search engines would understand.

Our solution was two-fold.  The business specialises in precision complex wire forming and press work. In order to give this a more emotion-based narrative to entice customers, we developed the strapline ‘we do the impossible’.

That strapline, however, does not translate well in the search engines, so we also needed to create an SEO strategy based on the names of individual products, what their customers called them and, crucially, the terms customers used when looking for those types of products online.

Since launch, the website has started to generate two-to-three online enquiries a week, while the business has been able to reposition its brand, in a highly-competitive marketplace, as a provider of solutions that customers can’t get anywhere else. 



Richard Grant-Pearce, Stockton Engineering’s Managing Director, said:

“We’re a second-generation family business with a tradition of A tradition of solving our customers’ challenges, whatever they may be. In a marketplace dominated by CNC, we pride ourselves on using traditional skills and manufacturing methods to provide bespoke engineering solutions.

“The work that Quiet Storm has done on our brand narrative and website has enabled us to bring the business right up-to-date and establish its position at the leading edge of the wire forming and metal pressing market and really open up the opportunities that trading online can bring.”     

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