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Bespoke intelligence to boost your business performance

Quiet Storm has been developing innovative digital solutions for clients for more than 30 years and in that time, we’ve gained a lot of insight into what makes business tick.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve put a lot of work into defining and developing a solution which gives businesses clear visibility of the data that matters, so they can optimise efficiencies, reduce hidden cost and get the most out of their resources.

We were delighted to unveil this new proposition to visitors at the recent Better Business Expo, in Derby, where our Managing Director, Steve Megson, spoke about the new KPI dashboard we have developed to help businesses improve their performance.


Unleash your potential with the three Ps 

The key to unleashing your business’ full potential boils down to the three Ps – process, people and performance. Reaching that sweet spot, where all three intersect and function like they should, is the key to continuous business improvement.

The big question is, how do we get there? How can we optimise resources to achieve the best possible results within a set timeframe and budget?  

It’s a simple, three-stage journey which starts with process.

No matter what your business does, whether you make things, supply things made by others or add value through service provision, defining your process is critical. In fact, the bigger your organisation is, the more important this becomes. To use a simple analogy, if you asked five people to make you a cup of tea, you can almost certainly guarantee each one would have their own way of doing it, and the results would vary hugely. Same goes in business.

Unless you clearly define your processes, and ensure that everyone involved is crystal clear on the exact way each process needs to be delivered, your results will always be affected by the human factor, the different approaches that different people take and the variances in efficiency this brings.

Which brings us neatly to the second stage, people. Once you’ve clearly defined your processes, these need to be communicated clearly to all involved. This will help you to identify any gaps in skills, training or resources that you need to plug in order to ensure each process is running at its optimum level. If everyone is clear on the objectives and what success looks like, this will also help you to engage your people in the process, gain their feedback and insight into what works and what can be improved, and provide reward and recognition when things go well.

The third stage is performance.

By integrating people and processes and making people more responsible and accountable for their roles, you can monitor the data that matters, better track your business performance against your goals and objectives and, crucially, change and optimise things for even greater gains.

Now, what if we said to you that we could give you the tools to enable you to do this at the click of a mouse button?    


Bespoke business dashboards to measure the KPIs that matter

Our bespoke dashboards can be tailored to the client’s exact requirements and present all the relevant, business-critical information they need to make informed decisions in a highly visual format. Hosted in the cloud, our user-friendly interfaces track, measure and report the information that matters most to the client, giving complete clarity on where the business is on track, where it is lagging and what improvements can be made. It can help to flag issues before they become major problems, highlight performance which should be rewarded, identify skills gaps and training requirements and help teams to achieve continuous high-performance levels.

If you’re looking for a cloud-based web dashboard to help you measure, manage and reward what matters, give us a call today for an initial chat.

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