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A supercharged project management solution for Torex

Torex is a global manufacturer of integrated circuits for power management applications. A specialist in low CMOS analogue technology, Torex products are ideally suited to battery powered and energy efficient applications.

Its customers produce a wide variety of end products ranging from consumer electronics to industrial IoT and automotive applications. The global need for ever more efficient use of power drives the growing demand for the company’s products. Torex stocks and supplies a huge product range comprising thousands of individual models and variants. It has a head office and dedicated manufacturing facilities in Asia with sales and distribution centres around the world, including its European operations base in Coalville, Leicestershire.

Quiet Storm is a longstanding partner of Torex Europe, with whom we have worked for many years. We were tasked with rebooting a project management app we built several years ago, which needed updating in line with advancing technology.


An online project management dashboard for complete process control

The solution we built for Torex is an online dashboard which gives sales staff at Torex’s UK base reliable, real-time information about the sales pipeline and customer interactions. This enables its sales team to better manage each project and provide a better service to its end customers.

Torex uses the new version of the dashboard more as a CRM system, which is central to the business and has become a fundamental part of its sales process.

The firm deals with a wide range of customers, some directly and some via its network of distributors, meaning it must also deal with its distributors’ end users. The new application allows Torex to track all the running projects it has with all its customers, regardless of the sales channel.

With 2,000 project lines currently open, the app allows Torex to keep track of the key milestones with each one, who’s doing what and what the latest interaction with each customer was, so it can keep each individual project progressing, as well as have a real-time overview of exactly where the business is at, at any given time, based on reliable customer data.


A futureproof solution

Gareth Henson, Torex Europe’s Managing Director, said:

“We used the first version of the app that Quiet Storm built very successfully for a long time, but the new build takes things to a new level and allows us to be so much more interactive. It has really simplified our project management systems and gives us full visibility of the entire end-to-end process.

“We see this very much as phase one. The app is being utilised at probably only 50% of its full capacity and is doing only half of what we want it to do.

“Our plan is to develop it further, in partnership with Quiet Storm, to add in new modules and evolve it, so it doesn’t just do exactly what we need it to do at this moment in time but will also grow with us and support our plans for the business in the future.”

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