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Taking AIM with new website

AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group, or AIM for short, is a national and international awarding organisation.

It offers a large number of regulated qualifications, at different levels, across a wide range of subject areas, including Access to Higher Education Diplomas and end-point assessments. Its products can be delivered in a range of settings, from small providers to large colleges and in the workplace, both nationally and internationally. Over the past few years, the organisation has gone from strength to strength, its team has grown, and its portfolio has expanded.

Ahead of the implementation of a post-16 education reform earlier this year, it rebranded from AIM Awards to its new identity, to ensure it remained strategically aligned to deliver against this new framework.

As a result, it has streamlined its qualifications, recruited additional staff and repositioned itself to ensure its portfolio is robust and relevant to the needs of future learners, centres and industry. It approached Quiet Storm for help in developing its new website to fully reflect the changes within the brand and business.


Simplifying AIM’s approach

AIM is a large organisation which carries out work across a wide range of areas, which means promoting exactly what it does can be complex and challenging to communicate. We were asked to take a holistic look and the business, to help it define and simplify its message, then create a website that fully communicates its service offering, as well as reflecting its key aims and values.

The business was segmented into four key areas, AIM Qualifications, AIM Assessment, AIM eLearning and AIM International. Each of these has unique service users, clients and sales channels. The aim of the new website was to create a central hub with information about the organisation as a whole, but with a simple-to-use navigation that signposts the user to the relevant arm of the business quickly and easily.

We also utilised a brand film we created for AIM earlier this year, which is split into four chapters, each referring to the relevant area of the business. A video welcome is played on the website homepage, but when the visitor lands in each section of the website, they can view the relevant chapter from the brand film before they scroll through the written content.    


Engaging and informative

Jill Minter, AIM’s brand and communications lead, said:

“AIM is an innovative business that is continually developing and moving forward in response to changes in the education and qualifications landscape. Because of this, explaining exactly what we do in a concise, simple and easy-to-understand way has always been a challenge, so it was crucial that our new website would give us the ability to bring out the important key messages from the four main areas of our business in an engaging and informative way. As the organisation has changed and grown, we had accumulated a lot of information on our existing suite of websites that had become piecemeal and disjointed over time.

“What we really needed to do was consolidate things and position ourselves as one organisation with four very distinct offers and that’s exactly what this website has enabled us to do. Furthermore, the website not only looks great and is easy to navigate from a user’s perspective, but as an administrator, it’s really easy to add content, create pages and manage the back-end of the site.”  

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