Does your business need VISION?

Growing a business was challenging enough before COVID-19 strangled the economy. As we start to adapt to a new normal, growing a business post-coronavirus will be even harder.

Having the right digital tools in your armoury will go some way to determining your success as lockdown restrictions start to ease, and demand begins to pick up again.

We have created VISION 247, our bespoke enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool, to help businesses of all sizes improve productivity, manage employees, keep on top of sales and orders and deliver better customer service.

Hosted in the Cloud, VISION 247 gives users access to a suite of digital information management tools that keep track of the KPIs that matter. It provides directors and senior managers with a holistic view of the way the business is performing and joining up the three core functions of sales, operations and finance.

It enables businesses to achieve a competitive advantage through identifying the small, incremental changes that can be made to have the most significant impact.

Best of all, it can be implemented without any costly hardware infrastructure and maintenance requirements, giving you the capability to manage your IT environment fully.


Quiet Storm had to adapt… have you? 

Like many businesses, Quiet Storm has had to adapt in 2020 to keep pace with the changing economic landscape and the challenges that coronavirus has posed.

For us, it meant having the whole workforce working remotely to ensure the majority of our services remained available, and to continue to meet client demand for new online software solutions which enabled their businesses to adapt to the changing landscape. These included:

  • A communications portal for a national aggregates company, to maintain communications with its workforce on furlough leave through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.
  • A site passport scheme for a regional house builder so they could deliver remote inductions and provide contactless sign in technology to all their employees, contractors and supply chain. Guaranteeing social distancing, compliance with CLC guidelines and complete visibility of the workforce.
  • A new training format which could be remotely delivered online, blending video conferencing and e-learning. This enabled them to quickly adapt and continue to deliver courses.


Quiet Storm has a proven track record of delivering bespoke digital management tools. Often helping clients find grant funding to support developments costs, but always delivering exceptional ROI. If you are thinking about re-imagining your processes, we can share some ideas and explore the opportunities.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few clients who have invested in a 247 VISION solution for their own businesses and are now reaping the rewards:


"247 VISION helped it manage the closing and reopening of construction sites during lockdown more efficiently than its competitors. He said: “When our construction sites were having to close, our Vision Management System provided real-time information on every plot. This meant we could manage the different developments more strategically and adapt to the changing situation more intelligently than many of our competitors."

Jason Glover, Operations Director of Davidsons Homes

"247 VISION helped his company to transition to an online delivery model quickly and effectively. He said: “Having an Online Management System enabled RISK to quickly deploy remote learning tools to course delegates. We are also agile in responding to the changing requirements of the regulating bodies as they adapt to the need for remote refresher courses and compliance driven qualifications.”

Mike Adams, Managing Director of RISK & Safety Management Services

"VISION 247 helped the company adapt to a new way of working throughout lockdown. He said: “Our people could work from home almost as easily as they could at their office desk. This was because all the crucial business information was in our digital management system.”

Gareth Henson, Managing Director of Torex Europe


To find out more about how VISION 247 can help your business grow, call us on 01530 510810 or email

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