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Quiet Storm ready for new normal

2020 has been a strange year. As if getting ready for the fallout from Brexit wasn’t enough for businesses to deal with, we’ve had the small matter of a global pandemic thrown our way too.

However, as the year has progressed, the team at Quiet Storm has been busy working behind the scenes to ensure we’ve still been able to provide a full service to our clients.

During lockdown, we worked remotely to deliver key projects and help clients adapt to new ways of working. We also took advantage of our studio being empty to redecorate it from top to bottom,  give it a deep clean and make it COVID-secure, ready for when we welcomed the full team back in September.

Like many businesses, we’ve followed the Government’s latest guidelines closely, have carried out a full risk assessment and put the necessary measures in place to protect our clients and staff.


These include:

  • installing a bespoke Perspex screen in our reception area to protect colleagues and visitors
  • redesigning the layout of our floor space to maintain social distancing
  • implementing a one-way system throughout the building
  • putting up information signage at all risk points to make people aware of the safety measures we have in place.
  • introducing a new cleaning regime, which is signed-off after each clean.
  • making hand sanitiser points available throughout the studio, for clients and the team.
  • introducing clean air procedures to maximise airflow through the studio.


Changing the way we work

Our Managing Director, Steve Megson, said: “Rather than view lockdown as a problem, we’ve looked upon it as an opportunity to refocus our business and our ways of working.

“We were fortunate enough to be able to continue working through lockdown, using technology to enable the team to stay connected and provide our clients with the service and solutions they have come to expect from us. As a management team, we used the time lockdown gave us productively to reconfigure the office layout, so we are compliant with COVID-secure guidelines, making the studio a safe and comfortable environment for our staff and visitors."

“The need to work remotely has enabled us, as a business, to become more flexible and agile, but the return to the workplace means we can reconnect the team and engage with our clients in a way that suits them, be that virtually or in-person.”


Is your business ready for the new normal?

With more and more businesses returning to the workplace, adapting to the new normal, post-COVID, is key. The UK’s economy is going to be reliant on businesses to do much of the heavy lifting in terms of creating jobs, wealth and growth needed to build a sustainable recovery.

Is your business ready for the new normal? Do you even know what the new normal is? It’s about more than just making sure your workplace is COVID-safe. Instead, it’s about gearing your business up to take advantage of the opportunities on the horizon.

Here at Quiet Storm, we’ve been helping companies to re-imagine their processes, streamline their operations and enhance their productivity for more than three decades.


We can help your business to:

  • Identify your future customers and how you can meet their needs
  • Define your core intellectual property to create a competitive advantage
  • Use technology to disrupt and drive efficiencies positively
  • Create a better brand
  • Design and deliver marketing activities that engage more of your ideal customers


To find out how Quiet Storm can help your business thrive in the post-COVID – and Brexit – marketplace, give us a call on 01530 510810 or drop us a line at

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