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Fabricating a cutting-edge brand presence

SMF (UK) Ltd is a family-run sheet metal fabrication business. Established in 1990, the Wigston-based firm has offered precision sheet metal and fabrication solutions to a wide range of industrial sectors, including architectural, automotive, point of sale and medical.

With a passion for innovation, SMF continues to invest in its people, and its machinery and equipment to ensure it is always at the cutting-edge of the industry and can meet its customers’ ever-evolving expectations.

It has some of the latest lasers, press brakes, robotic bending and welding cells at its disposal to create bespoke solutions tailored to its clients’ exact technical specifications. These include CO² and fibre flatbed lasers capable of handling up to 3000mm x 1500mm sheets, in various materials and thicknesses from mild steel, stainless steel and brass to copper aluminium, shim and spring steel. Its tube laser cutting facility, meanwhile, can handle tube up to 250mm diameter and 180mm box section, up to 9.1m long.

SMF also provides a wide range of secondary operations such as powder coating and electro plating to ensure it can offer a full turnkey solution for any project. As a traditional British manufacturer, in an industry that relies more on word of mouth than more modern marketing methods, the firm was looking to develop a new brand and visual identity for the business and launch its first ever website.


A voyage of discovery

Branding is not only necessary but essential for any business, and SMF was looking for a new brand to help it stand out in its sector and increase its competitive edge. We worked closely with SMF’s senior team to guide them through a discovery process to enable us to define and create a new brand, message and visual identity, and develop its new online presence.

We delivered a full brand workshop to educate the client on what branding means, understand the thought process behind good branding and gain a better understanding of the business and its unique selling points. Through our unique and proven discovery process, we uncovered who SMF are, what they offer, why they’re a better choice than their competitors, and why they’re the best choice for their specific audience segments.

Once this work was complete, we were able to develop and roll out a full branding package and develop a set of concise branding guidelines that govern its future use. We then worked on developing a new brochure website to reflect the new branding, establish SMF’s presence online and drive sales enquiries. The new site, features an eye-catching design and simplified navigation that highlights the firms six main product areas and ensures customers can find what they’re looking for within a couple of clicks. It has prominent calls to action throughout to prompt enquiries.

It’s fully mobile responsive and optimised to ensure it features prominently in search engine results pages (SERPs). The site also gives SMF’s sales team something to refer customers and prospects to, for added credibility.


‘An excellent service’

“I’ve worked with Quiet Storm previously in a former role, so they were my first port of call when it came to this project. They provided an excellent service throughout, and we’re really pleased with the end product. We’ve not had an online presence apart from a listing on Google, so it was a bit of a step into the unknown for the business, but we have high hopes for the new website. From a sales perspective, it’s an essential tool – you have to be online if you’ re looking to grow. The brand discovery session was particularly useful and helped us to clarify our thinking in terms of how to position the business and how we want to be perceived. From having no real brand or logo to a full visual identity that reflects who we are and what we do gives us a solid platform on which to build.”

Robert Trigg Sales Manager, SMF’s Sales Manager

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